Product Information

Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center & Children's Hospital's Molecular Controls™ Division’s patented method for the design, synthesis, and propagation of synthetic and semi-synthetic reference nucleic acids has been licensed to SeraCare Life Sciences Inc. and the Cystic Fibrosis control products are now produced in SeraCare’s cGMP compliant and ISO-certified facilities. (Available CF Controls)

The AJP Control will continue to be available through Molecular Controls™ for now until its production and distribution switches to SeraCare Life Sciences as well.

The research use of synthetic controls, once they are validated in a given laboratory, results in a vastly improved and efficient quality control scheme. The Cystic Fibrosis controls are produced in a cGMP-compliant and ISO 9001/ ISO 13485-certified environment.

Available Controls
NOTE: (These controls are for research use only. Performance characteristics have not been established - PATENTED).

Available from SeraCare Life Sciences:
    Cystic Fibrosis Controls™ from SeraCare Life Sciences, Inc.

Available from Molecular Controls™:
    AJP Control™ (Ashkenazi Jewish Panel) for the Luminex (TM Bioscience Tag-It™) platform
    Contact Molecular Controls™ for purchase and other information

Available for evaluation – Contact Molecular Controls™
    CYP2C9/VKORC1 Control™
    Cytochrome P450 Controls for the Luminex platform:
        P450-2C19 Control™
        P450-2D6 Control™